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Our quality

Our Email marketing tool is a real powerhouse for Email Marketing professionals. It gives you a host of advanced features such as image editing, and tons of responsive templates that will adapt and look great on mobile phones, tablet devices and computers. In the ever changing digital communication arena, GraphicMail stands apart from the pack .It’s quick and easy to build newsletters with drag & drop content blocks. Using responsive templates will improve open rates and click through rates. Samrat ICT gives you the ability to preview work in progress and also to send and receive test emails prior to sending out your newsletter or launching an email campaign in both HTML and text formats.


Why Email marketing?

You can explore venture by Email marketing as an email marketing campaign is an inexpensive and prudent way to attract buyers. You can save money on printing costs and postage since you do not have to send your advertisements via snail mail. And clickable links in your email can make it simple for your list members to learn more about your products and services or take advantage of your offers.


Email marketing campaign

Our Email Marketing campaign brings you successful business.


Here are some key components to what a successful email marketing campaign does:

  • Direct Email – Emails are sent directly to current and potential customers. The purpose of direct emails is to be promotional. They might offer you a product or service or they ask you to sign up for something. Potential customers are more likely to get these types of emails.
  • Retention Email – Frequent and regular emails are sent to current customers. These types of emails are sent out on a regular basis. It could be a weekly or monthly basis, but usually the business tries to send out emails weekly (or even more frequently) to retain customer interest.
  • Email Placed Ads – Marketing ads are placed within emails sent by others. This can be beneficial for you for your business; especially if you have studied the demographic that you are marketing to and the potential customers you could gain. Knowing what other types of businesses your potential customers go to and listen to is a great advantage because it allows you to strategically place your ads in emails likely to get clicks.


Why Us?

IP Address: we provide you with a private IP that you will not have to share the repercussions of another organization’s mistake.

Customer Support/Training: As each piece of email marketing software is different, we provide customer support to you & your organization.

Good Reporting: we offer reports that show how successful your emails are such as deliverable success, click-through rates and open-rates. The reports should also be user friendly.

No Term Contract: shorter the term of the contract, the better. You may have a no term contract to allow you to switch us if you are unsatisfied with the software or service of our email marketing campaign.

Robust Infrastructure: we have fast internet connections through multiple sources as well & have hardware redundancy, a term for engineering that ensures a fail-safe or backup. So your customers do not need to get to your website through our website.

SPAM Compliance: We offer you compliance to spam service. That’s why we want to ensure you that are do not get blacklisted. We require your organization to comply with the law and make it easy to do so.

List Segmenting: By this service you can target certain demographics and categorize email addresses to customize content specific to their wants and needs.

A/B Testing: A/B testing allows you to try out different styles and techniques for things like your subject line, email content, etc. The purpose of this is to see which version does the best and most of the time, this process is done by sending two versions of an email to a divide email list.

Great list of email: We have about 12 crore+ email list worldwide. By filtering them, you can get your desired customer.

Pricing Plans: We offer a pricing plan that is on a monthly basis and is determined by the maximum amount of emails you could potentially send & there is opportunity monthly payment based on the number of email addresses on your built up list within your budget.


Does Email Marketing Works?

What we should ask ourselves is how email marketing works. There are a few major reasons why it works so well:

  • You can have target audiences.
  • Lowest cost and highest benefit
  • Your marketing is driven by data (demographics, targeted audiences, email composition, etc.)
  • You can directly sell your products
  • Website addresses and email addresses can be linked directly.
  • You are able to build relationships, trust and loyalty
  • Your marketing and sales are supported through other channels


Template design

Get surprise with our exclusive layout template design, newsletter & offer/promotion menu.


Database: our informative database will give you relaxation from the trouble of broadcasting your advertise. Category wise Email data are available Here, we have 12 crore worldwide Email data.

Corporate Area: Corporate employer, CTO, CEO, Managing director, Club members (Like Dhaka club, Gulshan club, Uttara Club, Lions Club etc), Different organization member (Like BGMEA, BASIS, FBCCI etc), Student and Corporate employee, Different company owner and directors etc.


With our data base you will be beneficiary by the following way:

  • You can outfit your offers: If you know what people like, where they live, their nature etc, you can create messages and deals that appeal much more to them.
  • You can upgrade sales and profits: As more of the people you’re aiming at will take time to read your note or offer and see benefits. It leads you to the success.
  • You don’t waste marketing money: You’re not sending promotions to people who don’t have any interest, e.g. a women’s hair and makeup offer to a 70 year old man. Get release from wasting time that brings no result.
  • You can clean your database: People move, change jobs, get new email addresses and lose interest. You can make sure that your database is ‘clean’ and let people unsubscribe to your emails easily (required by law).
  • You can build integrity: If you know who your best customers are, you can show your gratitude – or encourage one time buyers to become repeat customers.