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Task Management Software

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Task management software is specifically created to aid and assist company teams to efficiently complete a task on or before its deadline. The software covers time management, calendar activities, reporting and tracking operations which are always available for the whole business team no matter where they are assigned to. Maintaining a task on track could surely aid in saving money through avoiding the possibility of missing the due date. Below are some of the benefits which you could surely experience when you make use of task management software.

  • Get an instant list of all tasks, jobs or projects
  • Improve office efficiency and guard against missed deadlines
  • Balance personal and team workloads
  • Forecast work bottlenecks and quiet times
  • Get an 'instant snapshot' of individual and overall task progress
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automatic suggested deadline dates
  • Improve office productivity (and profitability) with automatic task time budgeting
  • Reduce staff/team management time
  • Estimate external job fees where appropriate
  • Boost management effectiveness
  • Monitor task work-trends and statistics

Description of the benefits

Communicate Effectively

Task management software assists better communication amongst the team members no matter what country or what place they are assigned to. This simply indicates that the team members could accessibly use the task management software to contact or reach the other members of the team and have a better communication any time and any place.

Efficient Management

The team leaders and their members could typically utilize the project management software to operate and manage all the details whether big or small details about their task. As an illustration, the leaders could designate particular tasks to their members and the members could as well designate or share tasks to their co members, make their project as a priority and make a customized to do list in order to never miss anything and really do the project effectively and efficiently.

Track Better

The task management software has a tracking feature which permits the team members to basically keep track about the development, expenses and a lot more details about the task. With the task management software, you could definitely make adjustments with regards to the task’s resources and its priorities. This simply means that you would no longer face and experience hassles with regards to tracking every member or leader of each teams.


The team members are enforced to become much liable for their duties for the reason that their day to day developments can definitely be tracked through using the task management software and the other members including the leaders could accessibly see each other’s developments. Whenever a team member would fail to reach a due date, other member could take place. Therefore it would be very easy to pin point who ever member is not doing their job well.

Task Manager Features


  • Quickly create a task using the easy-add box
  • Easy editing for fast and flexible task management
  • Set task dates and priorities on each task
  • Quick-add tasks from any page
  • Easily change these at any time
  • Can create tasks and notes remotely by email



  • Assign a task to one or more people
  • “Involve” people - eg clients - to watch its progress
  • Get emailed alerts of all comments and changes
  • Add new people and even projects while creating tasks - aids speed and flexibility

Add New Admin


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  • Assigned and involved people get notifying emails
  • Automated reminders save a lot of hassle
  • Full text of the tasks in all alerts / emails

Add New User


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  • Users can control tasks from outside the app via email
  • Comments, notes and files can be emailed in from anywhere
  • All comments and any replies are centralised in the task. Simple but VERY useful
  • Changes and comments are emailed automatically to all involved
  • Everyone is kept in the loop without extra effort

Add New Project


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Project Task

  • Syncs neatly with your Google apps to help save you time and effort
  • Syncs perfectly with your Google Calendars, Docs and Contacts
  • Attach Google Docs to specific tasks
  • Share with your Google Contacts
  • Create tasks from your Gmail quickly and easily

All Task List


General Task

  • Accurate history for every action
  • Updated automatically
  • When did it start... how long did it take... etc
  • Useful audit trail of all changes
  • Enables proper review


Add New Ticket

  • Dashboard views of all your stuff
  • Everything auto centralised in one easy view
  • Total control. Everything is laid out in front of you
  • Shows your overdue tasks, recent messages and what’s next
  • One-click drill down to every task for flexible, painfree task handling
  • Safe: nothing disappears until it is dealt with
  • Project specific overviews
  • Each team member has their own dashboard



  • Group any task into a list for better organizing
  • Create a new list at any time - makes it very flexible
  • Easily move tasks to other lists and projects
  • Move entire lists to other projects
  • Quick editing of list names and other useful options

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  • Simple but highly effective milestone setting
  • At a glance progress meters
  • Helps coordinate teams towards achievable goals
  • Can combine multiple task lists into one milestone
  • Red Flags alert you to overdue milestones
  • Milestone specific calendar for comprehensive overviews
  • Easily edit / adjust each milestone

Add New Department


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  • Help you manage your time sensitive work
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Highly effective


  • Get a great visual overview of every project
  • Create new projects / tasks / events from mindmaps
  • Auto-synchronizes with “standard” list type view
  • Competition beating priorities and due dates display
  • for any node



  • Task Manager easily reports with
  • Built-in sample reports including
  • Open tasks by date entered
  • Open tasks by deadline date
  • Open tasks by team member (if applicable) and
  • Open tasks by team member and deadline date
  • Tasks with deadline next week
  • Tasks with deadline next month
  • Overdue tasks
  • Tasks due today
  • Tasks by participant
  • Open tasks resource summary
  • Time budget for task/job/project
  • Closed tasks to date
  • Closed tasks this month
  • Closed tasks last month
  • and much more!