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Global Humanity

Global Humanity Organisation

Human rights are the rights a person has just in light of the fact that he or she is an individual. Human rights are basic: you can’t lose these rights any more than you can stop being human. Human rights are inseparable: you can’t be denied a privilege on the grounds that it is less essential than another right. Human rights are associated: every single human right is a piece of a correlative or integral structure. Human rights are additionally characterized as those essential norms individuals need to live in nobility. To abuse someone’s human rights is to regard that individual as not much of a person. To advocate for human rights is to request that the human nobility of every person on earth be regarded. In guaranteeing these rights, everybody additionally acknowledges the obligation not to encroach on the privileges of others and to bolster those whose rights are mishandled or denied.

Global Humanity is a worldwide development of more than 7 million individuals who think about protecting human rights. We are crusading for a world where human rights are appreciated by all. We are financed by individuals. We are autonomous of any political belief system, monetary interest or religion.

The motivation behind life is not to be glad. It is to be valuable, to be noteworthy and to be empathetic. Global Humanity Inc. was formerly known as The International Association for Justice, Inc. The key vision statement of that organization is to campaign and ensure juvenile justice and protect immigrant rights all over the world.